Direction on the book….

At this stage of the journey, I am so wishing I had paid attention or at least remembered my english courses….

Do I start with the first memory…. the toddler and the hair brush???

Do I go with my first entrance exam into the military that gave me my first clue, something was wrong????

Do I start with my time in the military and the rapes, and attempted murder cover up and how Vance AF base made sure, the rapist never was held accountable???

Do I start with the death of Margie in Big Springs, Texas at Webb AF base 1967…. just after her 13th birthday???

Do I go with the boulder in the middle of that river in Japan, were 3 men died earlier and I saved my son’s life???

Where do I start???

As much as I am enjoying my time here spinning my wheels, so to speak…. I am getting closer to starting the book in a soft write… I’ve tried before and I know, how important it is for me to have quiet, so that the train does not leave the station without me…. but pot isn’t helping that aspect either….

Next week my last post op for the right eye, shortly after that… the left one gets done… I really hope I don’t see him pull my lens out on that eye… it was freaky on the right….

Weeks, before I will get a working perscription for glass’s…. so research and other investigative stuff is waiting to be done….

There are days I have no desire to go any further with this journey… and I realize…

If I quit…

They win….

I Remember… Margie….