Luck of the Draw….

Ever play straws as a kid…. and who ever got the shortest or longest had to do the deed or dare???

Life is like that in so many ways… the luck of the draw…. why???

Because you have no control over anyone else’s choices… just your own… and even that, doesn’t guarantee things will work out the way you want or expect… Life just doesn’t work that way….

I go back to the time of Nixon and his hookum and think Trump learned well or its just the luck of the draw, because he conned so many people with his false promises….

Working on that positive attitude and thought process, was a daily part of life, because I wore a uniform and had no say over my life for those years… and because I trusted my peers… the luck of the draw… I was honorably discharged…. and am now 100% DAV service connected… oh yea…. my peers tried to make sure I got nothing… rape and attempted murder is hard to hide, when it’s done in plain sight…. truth does win, once in a while…

Luck of the draw… so many times I made choices and I look back and ask myself….”where was my head at, up my ass???”

Sometimes my choices worked out okay, lots of time, it was just pure dumb luck things turned out the way they did…

No mystic ghosts on my shoulder… just me making choices and trying to figure out what that light at the end of the tunnel actually meant….

Well I have had that light in my hands recently and I go back and honest this memory thing is not all it’s cracked up to be… but I go back through the last 65 years and I see the choices I made…. just wow, how did I survive and live to tell about it??? I should be 6 feet under… many times over… Cats, have nothing on me….

Luck of the draw… I would like to think it is more about me working to find the answers I have been seeking since Margie died that hot night in Big Springs, Texas ….

The choices others made to keep silent, while I am on this journey is telling of the cowardice they live…. and the luck of the draw has made their lives as they should be….

The road is not as winding or up and down… upset tummy is a thing of the past… and every night I go to bed… knowing….

The luck of the draw on what I will remember tonight….if this made sense to you… you been reading the blog… if it doesn’t… your loss….

I Remember…. Margie….