Required Body Maintenance

No there are no options on this matter… Figured that out many decades ago… long before I figured out I had neuropathy or any of the other damage to my organs and body, let alone the brain….

I talked about instincts and many a time I ignored them, especially in personal matters or money, learned the lesson and worked not to repeat it… but with the body, wow….

After we left Arkansas, I started working on my physical health… I had gotten up to a weight of 185, if memory serves me…. Mike passed that…

Upon moving to New Mexico… the dry heat, the mild winters down by the border where we lived, made for good walking weather….

We started walking a couple of miles every day and the house had a in ground pool and we made use of that…. things started to feel better and the aha moment happened…. by this time I had stood in Freda’s kitchen and told her I was missing memory and had an evaluation at El Paso VA…

Come 2011, and things were changing… sleep, diet, attitude… it’s been a long road… still on it though… even falling off a few times….

I remember the Osteopathic military doctor doing the same thing PT did this year and I was afraid of PT… It hurt back in 78…. and it hurt this year when I saw PT… but the result, amazing….

PT taught me much this year and I have asked to go back… I still have weakness and my knees, both go out on me and I have damage to the upper torso muscle area, the neck, the thighs, you name it… I need some more help…. yesterday the pain in my foot buckled me to the floor, freaked out Mike… but it happens and it’s all realted to…..

Neuropathy… the demon that is Autonomic and peripherial…. since I was a child…. thanks Freda….

Adapting to these conditions and making them work for me is painful… but every time I go out the door and stay on my feet and I can keep my spine straight… that is a good day… but there are days, where that spine won’t stand up, because of something pulled, twisted, knotted or nerves are going ballistic…. it’s what I live with daily since I was 5 years old…

Keeping the perspective on what I can control and when the pot comes in handy… makes this tolerable… not great… but liveable…

Kind of looking forward to next week, when they operate on my other eye… a few hours of not knowing I am in pain…. so easy to get addicted to stuff like that… but I’ll pass… when you already died and saw darkness, going back there is not top on my list….

I Remember… Margie….