Medicare and dumping VA death care….

Just a heads up to anyone doing what I am… going with their medicare, instead of using the VA….

IF you do what I am and you go in for surgeries, and you need medication…. make sure your doctor can order from VA… if they can not… request your VA doctor, be it VA facility or private VA… to fill your perscriptions for any surgeries and they usually will if they have to do a physical for that surgery….

You want to do this at least 2 weeks in advance so that the perscriptions get to you in time…

For cataract surgery, I got a wake up call today…. to pay for the eye drops and we are talking generic, over $500 for the 3 eye drops needed…. one of them was over $400 at walmart…. my surgery is in a few days and its either pay for the drops or cancel surgery….

My eye surgeons office gave me a sample for the 1 drop that was over $400 and hopefully I won’t have to open it and can give it back for another patient….

You see, I didn’t miss my eye, but twice during the past month of doing the medications for the right eye… so I am reasonably sure I have enough already on hand to do this next surgery…. the VA gave me 2 bottles of 1 script… and only 1 of the expensive one… go figure… the steroid one, I forgot to get filled to begin with an it was not that bad, about $41…. good RX didn’t have the spendy stuff covered….

Anyway, word press is messed up and I can’t see the bottom of my screen and have to hope my typing is dead on correct…

I am over this fucked up web site….