Trumps chrisitan scam is not the worse thing to happen in America….

Where do you start, with the worse that has happen to our nation???

Civil War??? A nation divided over slavery and that is still ongoing… because christians want to tell this American Veteran what she can or cannot do with HER OWN BODY????

Was it when we sent thousands of Jews back to be murdered???

Was it when the cons on Wall Street got away with it and caused the great depression???

Was it when we got involved with other countries battles in WWI & WWII???

Was it when we segregated our troops, because of ingrained bias of skin color, which is still going on today???

Was it when a young deranged man killed children at Sandy Hook???

Was it Collumbine???

Was it Vegas and the death of many???

Was it the 26 who died by a Airman’s hands in Texas???

What is the worse thing to happen to America???


Well there went my cursor several sentences ago…

Writing is no long an enjoyment on Word Press, it’s a nightmare….