Stroke, TBI & TIA with sedation….

I thought what I remembered about yesterday was correct and the surgeon confirmed it at post op…

I was chatty cathy from the bronx on the operating table…

They did exactly what I asked, made sure I didn’t see the lens removal or implant, which takes a couple minutes…. the rest of the time I was aware and having the time of my life….Per the surgeon…

Per the surgeon I went on and on about doing my colonoscopy without sedation, wide awake and watched the whole procedure… yep, I am that much of a geek on some subjects… that’s because of the TBI’s… and strokes….

So according to the surgeon and the anestheiologist… I have a high functioning awareness that sedation does not impact unless, they over sedate… which explains why I know I woke up during a couple procedures the VA did on me and one was El Paso and they nearly killed me by oxygen deprivation as was the result of blue fingers after my leg surgery…. sigh…. another cover up…. by federal employees…. quadruple sigh….

It’s not the organizations that are corrupt, but the humans doing the jobs… your mom & dad, brother or sister, Next door neighbor or auntie up the street…. the corruption is human… an why I got to experience so damn much of it is beyond me!!!!!

The surgeon agrees with me on the neurological side of sedation and it’s well worth noting, so that I am not traumatized again by any other doctor or surgeon….. and those nightmares, hopefully will now resolve, now that I know, I was awake, when they cut me from hip to hip….. yep, major surgery…. and I knew it… wow… again, this was military… Air Force….

So that I am not ignored in the future, hubby has been in on all post ops and conversations so that if anything happens, he can inform them… so they don’t put me to sleep indefinitely…..

All Freda had to do is own her life, instead, she put mine, my babies and many others at risk, to keep a secret about her sex life, that had no value to begin with… Neither does the life that resulted from the sex…. but my death was worth it all….

Eye is itchy, eyesight is off and on, right now, screen is good, but the pain in my eye tells me it’s working it…. checked on readers and like the doc said, wait till next week, give the eyes some time to work…..

Time for some down time, since I am restricted for a couple days, hot and muggy outside and the stores were insane… cruise ship was in port and naturally they all went to walmart…. ugh….

I Remember…. Margie….