Toothless Cougar….

Thank you Hilo Veterans health clinic of Hawaii… thanks to you, I now have no functioning maxillary teeth…. and the surgeons office swore you kids were so good about taking care of us veterans…. I guess that just does not include women veterans who don’t put up with vulgar children working for the federal government… It’s bad enough Trump acts like a 2 year old, now the majority of federal employees do the same, because Trump gets away with it… so much for government quality health care…. never experienced it in the military or the VA…. ever…. not so with civilian care….

Queens medical major surgery Feb last year…. I had 2 procedures at Hilo Medical and both places showed me Hawaii’s true Aloha spirit… which is so lacking at the VA and most places on the island we go to… and those places, won’t see me at all, unless I have no choice… now that I am a toothless cougar… imagine… great granma in a bikini… very possible, with no teeth to bite and tear with…. life just got very interesting….

I do have 2 molars left on the left upper side and the partial adds 2 molars to the right side… those are my chewing devices so I can swallow my food… but I have already noticed the loss of teeth impacts my breathing when laying down, so no back sleeping, only side… it impacts my ability to talk and it impacts my ability to swallow liquids… so, it’s like learning how to be a 5 year old again, when you are losing your baby teeth… it’s doable, but with all my neuropathy issues, it is painfully difficult…

It will be wearing the partials 24 hours a day, taking them out to clean and allow the gums to breath… but it’s the only way I could breath after going to bed… boy am I finding out what my patients endured… but with them, we did the exptractions an put the dentures in immediately… they never went without teeth, like the VA is doing to me…. it’s like they plan to destroy the rectocell procedure and make me get a pelvic floor rebuild… issues are already arising, blood reflects my juggling things to make the body function and still get my nutrients before it leaves me…. never have I ever had such poor dental health care in 65 years…. never…. and it’s all because of an employee at the Hilo Hawaii VA clinic…. 1 person playing god again… just like Trump….

Dental clinic closed today, so it’s next week before seen and VA paperwork done to get roots extracted, which will likely not be until the end of the month or next month!!! Which is ludicrious!!!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….