Full Circle….

I am back to doing the things I enjoy doing… and that doesn’t involve a lot of people… just hubby outside playing, dogs napping quietly and me, able to see what I am looking at, okay kind of… well, sort of….

The right eye likes to do the prism thing and the left eye, gets tired, since surgery was just a few days ago…

I’m looking forward to being able to read and do things that have been an issue for a long time….

My right eye, it’s clouded and they say it can happen, not sure how they fix that, I think it’s a laser and done in office… the right side of the head received the most trauma and blows to it… that an the frontal area… the occipital I don’t count, that was a kid being stupid and mean, so those I write off for what they were… hate….

I think right now, it’s fatigue, I spend about a hour doing ancestry, another hour playing and that’s about all I can handle right now… looking forward to the end of the month… just so my eyes are settled down enough to get glass’s….

Knowing how the VA system works and the fact that I am in a health crisis, because of the Hilo VA… the implants will get started… but I don’t expect a appt until Dec or Jan for the surgical consult for the implants…. so we are planning what we want to do, for the next year or two… once approved, it’s all up to surgeons schedule and my healing… 9 months to 18 months… ugh… that long with wearing a full upper denture… not enough pot on the planet to dull that pain… this is so not going to be fun….

But, we will make the most of it… if we are here that long, hubby plans to install the rest of the pergo flooring… which will help make the house cooler, with no carpet… winter project planned… oh yea…

No holiday celebrating… we’ll just donate locally like we always do and that will be it… flooring will run us about $2000 with trim, pad, yada, yada, yawn…. thats our holiday…

Room is warming up, trying to keep AC off today… tired of being closed up…

Have a nice day, Hawaii is….

I Remember… Margie….

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