Holy Crap on a Cracker…. I’m Speechless!!!

Making a big pot of beans, various kinds, with some good ole fashion baked bean sauce and a nice big kabalsa, chopped up small enough for me to chew… and I take a taste and I think I oooooops with the peppers… but oh so good… as it sit’s and cools for baking later… the phone rings… so plays the following script….

Dental clinic calling and can I come in this week for a fitting for the new partial… did someone decide that enough of the god bull shit and did their job at the Hilo & Oahu VA???….

The call was 100% professional, informing me, not me asking questions… they informed me, asking if I had heard from the oral surgeons office yet… yada, yada, yawn…

Okay I’m stunned… in our clinic, yea, we would be doing that quick of a turn around on a situaiton like mine, except the patient would have had the roots removed the same day… we would have opened the clinic to take care of the patient… best job I ever had, working with patients… anyhow…

Like I thought, with the VA putting my health at risk, the autonomic neuropathy is very unpredictable… and I am dealing with a host of other issues, I don’t talk about… because I want the doctors to confirm my diagnosis…..

Impants… beginning to think that is very viable an not wishful thinking… you got to do the wishful thinking, when dealing with VA health care… I started using the VA in 1984… and a nightmare is a undertatement… hubby gets better care than me….and he’s my dependent…. and I’m the vet… really do get what the Vietnam vets dealt with, not only as my patients but with the system….. so much bigotry in the VA and most of the employees are vets… got your back doesn’t mean, once they leave uniform… found that out first hand, these last 15 years…. I’m just smarter and never let my care lapse, took longer, but never lapsed….

So, going in this week to try the wax partial and if super lucky, I could have a functioning denture in a couple weeks… my gums will hate me, but my smile will be smiling back at me…

That is the only thing about a upper denture… if you read the blog, you know I have been strangled, and one of the pictures I used in the blog, show the bruise marks on my neck, face, body… that poor baby… anyhow… gag reflex’s are off the chart for me… makes me love my electric toothbrush, my involuntary movenments don’t make me gag myself… so hoping who ever makes this new one… is just as good as the maker at the El Paso VA dental lab… best fitting ever….

Exciting news… and surprising… printing out a couple of pictures that shows the dentist my true smile and bite… really am looking forward to eating properly again, I hope….. pain free, not going to happen… the partials have been painful since day 1… that was 2010….. fit good, well made, but for me, always painful to wear… so why make me suffer and wait for implants… has to be the IG complaints… so much for integrity, honesty, truth, values… it’s like Americas soul got sucked out when it took up relgion…. and humanity was thrown in the dumpster… becasue of fear….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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