Review notes about dental after Endo….

About May 2017… I needed a root canal… Navy, good dentist, was who the VA sent me too… and he wanted a follow up 6 months later… never got a call and I just got to thinking about what was going on with the Hilo & Oahu VA and oh my goodness, did they leave a trail of negligence….

We know the endo doc requested a follow up, why wouldn’t he, he’s civilian, that’s how they make money, so it’s not his office that messed up and about that time I was fighting to get the rectocell procedure done on Oahu by a Board Certified OB/GYN/Urologist and yes they exist for women and this was a woman surgeon… best major surgery I ever had and working hard to keep it from failing because of my dental crisis….

Anyhow… that should have been the first signal flare I recognized… when the Endo follow-up was not done… it had to go through Hilo VA… and they were the ones I got the senator to go after, so spotlight and yet they still worked to deny me care and here we sit…

I took a large black plum and had to slice it up into bite size pieces… I could see that if I was 110 years old, but at 65???? Who ever decided my life needed to be hell, did a good job… only one problem… I already been there and came back and what is waiting for them, is anything but what they expect… and that is from experience…..

I have one lower tooth that is getting all the action, even though I have all my lower teeth, just no molars… and this cuspid… I hope it holds out, but the way it is throbing… a root canal is in the future… all because some dumb ass moron at the Hilo & Oahu VA decided it was their turn to play god….

At least the CBC showed no more infection and I haven’t had any heat in my skull, except when the abnormal wave did it’s thing before surgery…. no sinus issue, except the normal and only mouth pain is from the dentures…. wow… I wish we were home…

This shouldn’t be happening, but it is and this is just one of those times like when I was raped or beaten to death… I don’t get to make all the choices concerning my own life… the VA has a say, but not much and not much longer…

More things are going on than I say… you do know how to keep an asshole in suspense???


I Remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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