Lying, Stealing, Cheating, Rape, Murder, Death, Birth, Military cover up… and christians that do all of the above…. Why do the religious do the worse to humanity?????

News, I don’t know about you… but it feels so much like Nixon all over again or the Clinton bull shit over oral sex…. When do we quit enabling these morons and hold them to the beliefs they spout but don’t live????

Never… of course, that is what religion and politics is about… smoke and mirrors and anything but truth, honesty, integrity, morals, values, ethics or equality…. nope religion and politics and other peoples fears is what rules our nation and most other countries….

No matter how much psychology or science is put out there…. mass hysteria of politics and religion will rule the day instead of common sense…

Once you give up your soul to a religion, you sold your humanity to that company store… and not one politican has had the balls, or brains… to stand up a say religion is just hookum….

But Trump and his base… just murdered our allies in Syria… Trump is the equlivent of a Anti Christ… and humans are just the devil in disguise… because their god will forgive them….

Wonder if every priest, preacher or boy scout leader thought that as they raped in the name of your god?????

I Remember… Margie….

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