Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t…

I asked hubby why he hadn’t taken a picture of me toothless for the memories… and he looked at me wide eyed and said, would you wan’t me too and of course I said no…. even I can see in the mirror, my face has loss form, because of the missing teeth…

Will I take a picture for the memories… I really doubt it…

We have been married 25 years and we rarely take pictures of each other… or selfies… just not into it I guess…

Must be a generational thing….

I kind of think it will be fun when we go home and people see what we really look like and not one of our gag pictures… we do, do them….

The lines are more pronounced… the sagging skin heading south in areas that just can’t fight gravity… the hair… this last 12 months, the gray I thought is actually white, is coming in, in streaks… aging… I don’t feel older…

I still look at the world the way I did so very long ago, before religion contaminated a virgin mind… it took a while to expell the demons of white mans religion… but once gone, wow, the world is so much more fun… even when you are dealing with health issues….

Try to leave the news off, till we hear Trump is resigning… but oh lordy, they’ll be taking that dude out in a straight jacket… he just can’t believe he’s not going to continue to get away with the con…. but if he does… that oh lordy will be oh shit and here I come garlic farm and moat…..

I Remember… Margie…..

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