The Stroke Muscle Memory…

I would have never thought that a stroke would make you make muscle memory that never goes away, because it’s related to the stroke…

Going on 10 months that I have known for a fact, MRI kind of facts… that a stroke and TIA’s have happened… Nothing recent… but the evidence was there all along and no one caught it… not even the Oregon Contrast CT scan they did at the VA and I was pissed at that neurologist, because I knew something was wrong… that was 2001…… the MRI I had done here, 12/26/18 showed the VA missed again….

Clues about the stroke have always been with me, but I didn’t KNOW, those clues were connected to a stroke, I thought they were all connected to the neuropathy… so I have had to learn the difference….

A memory from Japan, after the brain bleed because I pissed off Freda & Peggy… Don beat me senseless and it scared the crap out of them and changed my life forever…. the habit that started after that stroke….

I slept with my left hand between my knees, because I couldn’t always control the left arm and make it stay where I wanted during the night… again, a moment in time I made my self remember, so that when Margie woke up… the memories would make sense….

This amnesia is beyond twilight zone… so much I have to make sure is a real memory and not a plant from the family….

The habit is one I continue to this day, if I don’t have a pillow for sleeping between the knees… something orthopedic had me start doing in the military to give me back pain relief….

Anyhow……. that surgery last year, the rectocell… where the surgeon said I couldn’t pick up anything heavier than my bath towel for 3 months and gallon a milk after that up to 6 months… to insure the surgery took… that time, when I was forced to be in-active, something foreign to me… is when I knew I had a stroke at some time in the past…. and I hit the medical records and forced myself to go back to as far as I could remember…. nada… nothing… and when I requested records from the government… they were sealed… my story, my history sealed…my life stolen by my own government….

To protect men in power, who are right now protecting men in power…

Garlic farm, moat… yep I can see the farm in my minds eye….

I Remember… Margie….

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