Stroke took 50 years of my life…

Most people know they had a stroke… and just like with heart attacks, you usually know when it happens… Not so with Silent Heart Attacks and Strokes… Do I think that is what happen to Margie??? No…..

Margies head injuries, subsequent seizures that started after the first severe beating at 5 years old, that was the begining of Margies memories fighting for survival… the body is still at it….

I know I had multiple concusions from age 5 up to 12 years old, at least a half dozen I can confirm with the memories of symptoms…

When Big Springs, Texas happened in 1967, that was blunt force trauma to right side of my skull, actually have a dent… that is the stroke the MRI caught and the blood on the brain is from Japan a year later… same people that killed me, tried again at age 14… my belated birthday present….

That stroke on Japan was the memory taker…. it was gradual and as I get familiar with this abnormal brain wave and recognizing when it’s happening… I can see a pattern over the last 5 decades, that was progressively stealing my memories….

The MRI shows no damage that would preclude me from remembering my childhood, but…. as with any brain injury, the text books can only do so much….

I have no fear of remembering anything that happened in the past, but I know the subconcious can take that away from me too, no matter how much I want it….

The living are not talking and they will take the secret to their graves and they will leave a note saying how sorry they are, so they can feel good about it at their death….. I kid you not, christians are the most mentally ill people on the planet, I imagine other religions are not any better….. but that is how they will justify the cruelty they dished out……..

Killing Margie….

Go figure on that one… You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to decide that they are the god and not a crutch someone made up to deal with the wrong they did to another…..

I Remember…. Margie….

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