Dentist comment notes… cont.

I had taken 2 pics with me for him to see my natural smile and bite…

His comment got my attention and when I commented back, it dawned on him the physical issues I was having were impacting my dental… finally, he got it….

With neuropathy like I have, the tissue that connects everything and makes things work and communicate with the brain… mine have pretty much stopped working, thus the need for exercise… muscle memory…

The dentist said I showed my bottom teeth when I smile now… that is because of the exercises I do for the TMJ and my neck, they have released the pent up tention that was in my face from the time of my stroke in Big Springs, Texas 1967…. 50 years I have lived with this awful issue… adults beat a child to death… how brave….

Anyway… I digress…. the exercises help to make the connective tissue not so dead an in your way and the exercises allow me to function… just as with someone who broke their neck and they can’t turn said neck as far as they could before the injury… same too with the tissue and all the junk that makes up our anatomy….

So my smile has changed, because I work on those areas that are tied so tight together in spasms and nerve pain and damage…. I can function… not as good as I would like… but tolerable… The more I learn from PT, the more I have control over the broken body…. we are only as old as we feel…. I’m holding at 39…..

I Remember… Margie….

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