Hawaii, do we stay or go East???

The implants will happen, but do I really want to be here another 2 years???

Am I unhappy with Hawaii or just frustrated from being away from the kids for so long and just ready to go home an spoil them???

Hubby wants to stick it out… be better prepared and not seat of our pants kind of move this time….

He makes good sense….

And I feel my body tense and the neck go, knock off the tension…. my choice… my choice….

If we stay, we will have to invest into the property, no way around it… the house will be 5 years old soon and here, exterior paint don’t last long…. We will need to put the Fujitsu 2nd split AC system in and finish the Pergo flooring… about $10,000 and I may not recoup it if we are in a recession when we do sell…..

Interest rates, recession, crystal ball, some one please beat Trump at the end game….

It looks like after our morning confab… we are staying until the VA does what I earned… take care of me….

A shopping I will go, a shopping I will go…. high ho the deerie o… a shopping I will go….. hubby wins…. but so do I…

I Remember….. Margie….

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