Hawaii and Health Care for this 100% Service Connected Veteran, will not be fun and will cost me….

Health care under the Military was bad enough… I was born into a military family and had military health care up to when I got pregnant with my first child after being raped…. from that point I was on welfare after I was forced to quit working while pregnant… complications that mommy dearest could have helped with if I had been told I had a stroke and seizures because of their beatings… but daddy was still active duty and that scandal just couldn’t be…

By the time I had my 2nd kid… I knew I needed reliable health care, so I went active duty a couple months after my 2nd son was born and now you know… I have had continious health care, until the VA came along in 1984, when I filed for benefits…..

From 1984 to 1991 I was a dependent wife, so military was still my health care and boy did they contintue to get it wrong…

From 1977 to 1983 I was active duty and not one doctor got it right and it was more important to protect Vance AFB from scandal so I was pushed out to cover up the rape and attempted murder of my kids in base housing… Federal installation and the base commander decided to keep the FBI out of the picture…Men in power protecting men in power… It was the 1st Sgt. son who raped and tried to murder my kids…nothing changed since I got pushed out in 83…..

From 1991 I used VA until I was able to get a federal job in 1992 and still used VA, but they had my disability rating wrong, so I had to use private insurance thru my federal job and still didn’t get the care I was qualified for thru the VA…..

By 1998 I had been awarded 80% service connected with 20% unemployable, thus making me a temporary 100% service connected DAV… disabled veteran….

By 2004 I had proven the military had lied and I was awarded permanent service connected 80/20…..

In 2013 or there abouts, not sure when this changed after the appeal and IG complaints….

But now I am 90% service connected disable veteran and 10%unemployable… permanent…..

Now you tell me… I have proven the brain injuries and you are going to tell me 100% isn’t my right????? Wow !!!!!

I have already dished out of pocket since 1998 over $20,000 for my own health care that should have been taken care of by the VA… the most corrupt government organization out there…. the VA…. and lots of veterans work for the organization and are just as corrupt… caught them first hand at El Paso VA… identity theft… mine and I have been paying for credit monitoring for 7 years because of El Paso VA compromising my social security number and using said number internally at El Paso VA for false billing for care done outside the VA that I never received…. the corruption is thick at El Paso VA…. and I am one of their victims…. credit monitoring has cost me about $1000 for the last several years to protect myself and husband….

Thanks federal government…. actually it’s not the entity that is corrupt its the employees…. and Tri west is just as bad with rude vulgar employees and I don’t use them anymore either…. I use my medicare as much as possible… which that being said… I got the hospital bills…..

So for my cataract surgery, where I didn’t have anything done extra… yet… but out of pocket with the deductable, because I hadn’t used my medicare this year… it will cost me right at $2000 out of pocket….

Fortunately we don’t have much credit debt, so these bills are being paid as soon as they come in… it just cuts into the amount of credit card debt I can pay on… a couple of months and I am back to our regular bill schedule… just means no money going into savings for our move home… and If I need laser work done in office that medicare does not cover, that will come out of pocket and I have some issues we know that are related to the military cover up of Margie’s death… those injuries impacted her eyes… and I will need to dish out a little more money for that work… I expect it to be a couple more grand, if medicare doesn’t cover the extra things I need done for quality vision… medicare just gives the basic care and not much more…

We are unpacking stuff and I am getting organized…. If any family and friends want to come visit while we are on Hawaii for a couple more years… we are trying to set things up so it’s just a desk we take down and put a bed in it’s place…. why….

Because after going back over the conversation with the dentist when he brought up the implants… we are looking at 2 years for the implant process to be done, because on the maxillary I need bone implanted for the implants to have a place to be put… that takes about 6 months to heal and I got a feeling the upper area is going to be a trying process…. with no one here to bug me… I can recover and not have to worry about entertaining anyone… I have control over when people come to Hawaii for a free vacation….

In the end… my health care is being taken care of… it’s just costing this 100% service connected veteran money that should be going to groceries or other important bills…. not for my health care I wore a uniform for and got raped in…. I paid my dues… it’s time the country paid theirs… and with christians in control…. our military is expendable… always have been… because they believe in life after death… now tell me you can fix that stupid thinking???

It does give me more time with the mental side of this journey….

I know hubby is working on his demon, his attitude is changing slowly….

People don’t realize when you hold in the negative from events in your life, it distorts your thinking process, you get to much into your head over what If’s what could have been… when in reality… you can’t change the past….

But you can learn to live with it….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTelll

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie…. before the christian religion murdered her….

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