Neuropathy takes so much from just feeling….

Back in 2008, is when I noticed the tightness in my feet, in the pad areas….

According to PT, this is related to the neuropathy and beatings I received as a child…

Some of the exercises help pull and lengthen the areas that are pulled tight… lets explain it this way, because any of you can try it and you’ll get an idea of what patients like me deal with….

If you have a family member that wears the heavy… not light, but heavy compression stockings that have the foot on them…. try that on and try moving your foot in all directions… now add 10X more pressure like weights and do the rotating movement the up and down and you’ll find it’s difficult, your legs get tired fast, if you have the weights on and you’ll get a taste of my struggle to stay mobile…. and why I fell down so much before I started doing the physical therapy… which just a FYI, I haven’t hit my lips in a while… so the exercise helps, but it’s just a stop gap measure…

I have very little sensation as far as feeling goes in my feet… they are reasonably numb and injuries happen all the time, so the habit of checking my body over, before showers is necessary… I have lost a lot of nerve sensation through out my whole body… that is why when surgery causes a new pain… the new pain can be more pronounced… because I am not use to that paticular pain….

It’s an experience I’ll give you that and I am still waiting on the VA to send me back for more PT, so I can continue to be independent… that was a few months ago… prompt and courtious health care… just not in Trumps vocabulary…not that he had much of one to begin with…. ya know… It was a wonderful conversation???!!! the dude is a joke….as are most christians….

So we are setting up house for the long haul, as we have no clue how long all this is really going to take, because anything can happen in oral surgery… I know…. that was my favorite job in the military…. I loved doing surgery….

The day has started, we put together a cabinet to go with the TV cabinet, and had to order the 2nd one, Walmart discontinued them…. rearranging the office so I can set my craft up and give myself more to do… but looking at the room, not sure, where I am going to put anything… it’s a little house…

Last night we noticed on the security camera a mongoose in the yard… eating where we feed the dogs… so dogs now get fed inside… we lost our big boy to the lepto virus when we moved here… don’t care to lose his brother and sister… those mongoose carry the virus…

Things to do, and things to put away so I can ask where the hell did I hide that object… always that way, when we set up house…. at least I’ll unpack some of my kitchen and have more of my gadgets to use….had to donate the last new electric griddle… I dropped it… think I am done buying them, can’t hold on to them, broke 3 in one year… go figure on that, neuropathy rules the days….. sometimes….

I Remember… Margie….

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