Where Is MY Veteran Health Care??? Big Island Hawaii…

Before moving to Hawaii, the big island… VA care was already a mess, though Obama was trying… but the GOP had other ideas and Veteran health care was not it… so the games and politics of my health care continues today….

As a 100% service connected and for you civilians that service connected is a huge deal… it means ALL my health care needs are to be met by the veterands administration… and….

As some of you know, I just had cataract surgery on both eyes and used my medicare, because I got tired of waiting on VA health care…. this brings my out of pocket expenses for health care, since I was awarded 100% …. over $20,000 and most of that was dental….

When I could no longer afford to pay out of pocket I used the VA in Arkansas for dental care… Care that I bitched about, since the day I went to a different dentist at El Paso VA the same year… the front upper bridge was for looks only, I was never able to use it to eat, it was to fragile and for 9 years I suffered….

In May of 2018 my dentist here on Hawaii, put in a request for implants… that was before, all the dental work I had in my mouth started to fail….

I now have only 3 teeth left on my upper mouth on the left side… and still no implants….

Reason for implants… the neuropathy from the beatings has impacted my mouth for over 10 years and wearing dentures is pain in itself…. going on 10 years of that nightmare…. wasn’t every day… but it has been every day since last summer when I blogged about it… I pop a pain pill so I can tolerate dentures, just so I can eat and they come out… now it’s wear them at bedtime, because of the upper mess and no denture to replace what has fallen out in the last few months… so yes…

Where is my Veterans health care that I was promised for wearing a uniform for 5 1/2 years?????

The military sure had no problem taking from me… and they still are today….

Thus the rant… as I realized, how much it hurt, to eat the slices of tangerine I just finised eating… because breakfast cause to much pain to chew and cause internal issues….

So where is my Veterans Health Care on big island Hawaii ????

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….