Sen Shatz’s office reaches out ……

At one time… a long time ago, before the GOP corrupted everything… if you, as a veteran had an issue… they were the ones to contact for help in getting the unusal answers… and so far… not one word on my question…..

“Why did it take the Hilo VA till now to do anything, when the request was put in May 2018 and why did the Hilo VA federal employees decide I needed to suffer”?????

That is my question to the VA… I know, as a 100% Service Connected Veteran, my care will get done… it only took from 2009 to 2018 to get my “Rectocel” procedure, which FYI is major surgery and because the government doesn’t want to pay for hospital beds, I was made to get on a flight a come home a few hours after that surgery…. Gee… Melania Trump stayed in the hospital for a few days and she wasn’t dying???????!!!!!!

I am going off and telling hubby everything wrong with this whole mess… and I remind hubby, yes the care will get done, if I’m not dead when the federal employee god authorizes it… as goes the story for the last 40 years with VA…. and hubby pipes up and says Sen. Shatz’s office contacted him today and told him that the VA had reached out to my dentist today and requested the impressions and X-rays…. well, you know what happened…

I went off on him… and said…..

“All I want to know is why I was made to suffer and why I am still being made to suffer”????????????????????????

Answer that you corrupt christian President????!!!!!

#NotMyPresidet #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeo

I Remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV I’ll believe the VA is doing something when the surgeon starts cutting on me!!!!!