PTSD and Health Care Providers…. why Vets give up and die….

Yesterday still stings…. I was sent out of the dental clinic with alginate all over my face and neck… my partials tossed in their container as if they were not of value and dismissed… and only one adjustment made… the palete of the denture was cut out… he, the doctor was frustrated and he took it out on me… and that was a very wrong thing to do….

Ya know, when Freda & Peggy, Mom & Sis found out I got my memories back… all contact stopped…they cut me off, because they couldn’t get away with lying to me about the past anymore and most of all, no contact… no upset time…and that works for me…..

Same is going to happen with this dental clinic….

I have a Ryobi, full kit, with all the pads and sanders and polishers… basic tools they use in the dental clinic to adjust dentures… an those areas that are causing me pain… I can smooth down myself, once I have eyes, that is…

So the denture will sit in it’s bowl for however long it needs to sit there and evetually, I…. will make it fit… but going back in that clinic….

Not happening….

Ya know at VA clinics around the nation, they have security… because of doctors treating patients poorly like I was yesterday and that way, security gets rid of the patient…

With this civilian clinic… I just won’t go back… they are requesting permission to do my cleaning… I will be passing on the appointment when they call….

Same thing happened with my primary when I found out about the damage to my brain and she dismissed it as minor???? Brain or heart, no injury is minor….. same goes for what I am dealing with my dental health… that is your gateway to better health… your teeth….

Hubby will answer the phone and deal with the clinic… I am tired of being treated like I am the problem, when it’s the VA system of acquistion and I am tired of paid licensed college educated morons treating me, like I did something wrong….

I am the patient… and the physians in America take a oath to do no harm…. I have yet to see that on the big island of Hawaii…..

Surgery in a couple of days to remove the roots…. getting on line and seeing how to properly adjust my own partial… I did do all of the work in the dental clinic in the Air Force, except this… but I do know how to use the tools…

Regardless, I can tolerate the denture for short periods of time, when in public… will take it with me for the surgery, so I can do my shopping while on the Kona side…. and wait for an appointment with the specialist…..

One of these days, the professionals will get a taste of what they dish out… maybe they will learn from it… doubtful… but hope springs eternal….

Sgt. USAF DAV… never had such bad patient care as VA and big island Hawaii….