50 years of Amnesia an a mass killing in Southerland Springs, Texas….. triggered the memory of my own death….

I hear the loud pounding of the jackhammer… breaking lava rock and I wonder… if we hadn’t moved here… would the opportunity still have presented it’s self to trigger those repressed memories???? and I get up and close the windows to block the sound….. but would I have ever remembered Margie????? Nov 7, 2017… I did… remember….

It’s a sobering realization to know your mother, brother and sister know you died and they lied to protect the woman that did it… your own mother…. if you think Trump is a master manipulator… you don’t know Jack…. look at the Riverside 12 as an example of abuse…. woman led…..

That part of this journey, remembering my death, accepting the facts that not only was your dad abusive… your mom was the ring leader…. and you just move on… because she knows her god and will never own what she did… she won’t even give me life saving health information… so doctors have to go on test results as we piece the puzzle together of Margies death… and on going recovery 52 years later……

I watch the drama Trump created himself and think, that’s exactly what Freda did… and Peggy helped and Larry got involved…. wow and I watched them play their parts and never learned to trust any of them… I really don’t know these people… I really don’t…. but their behavior is indicative of christians and their corruption as is all religions… as people hide behind that religion to do the worse to humanity…..

Dental clinic must have been taken by shock, with my voice mail… I was polite and to the point… if attitudes are better, I want the adjustment I originally came in for and I tell you the doctor was not listening Tuesday because of the next text message I got… they tried to get me in tomorrow…. not happening, I will be in oral surgery… so that just backs up my disgust with his childish unprofessional behavior… he wasn’t listening…. 5 1/2 years I worked 2 jobs, hospital and dental clinic… never was I rude or short with a patient… not even after 24 hour shift…..

So today, I will be going in… and I won’t be walking out, until he takes the lip down and gives me back function of my facial movements and un restricted use of my tongue and mandible…. oh… I can only bet how uncomfortable he is going to be, if he can’t own what happened Tuesday… seen that before with the doctors I worked with…. and I will have a hard time, not grinning as I force eye contact…. I do love to play with arrogant children…..

What I like about all this…. I didn’t let it control me… I vented my anger, without doing any action… I refrained from touching the denture myself for alteration and I refrained from refusing to go back in the clinic…

Once I got past that point… the great grandma in me came out and snarky behavior by young adults just seems to be the norm… and not something I am willing to tolerate… We are a civilized society, not barbaric like North Korea, or China or Russia, or Saudia Arabia…. let along like Trump and his base… may they eat themselves to death… just saying….

I go out of my way to be civil, polite an courteous… that unfiltered part of me, came out this morning… and I have a feeling, this is just the beginning of my brutal, unfiltered honesty when it comes to my health care…

The government took enough in my time active duty… gang rapped by officers and my children assaulted and left for dead… no I’m not the one that will back down anymore… I more than earned my health care… and if anyone has a problem with that, get out of my way, because I will steam roll right over your sorry ass……….

You been warned….. 1 million smiley faces….

Sgt. USAF DAV….. I Remember… Margie…..

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