Long day almost over… did blood on the way out of town… hit the oral surgeon and he got tears with the shot to numb up the palete… damn, just not enough tissue…. nubmness is starting to wear off, pain med taken before surgery…. all that said… it was the extractions that caught my attention…

The first 2 he did this summer, came out easy, obvious the bridge work had been leaking for years and the roots were rotting in my mouth causing an infection…

Today… the bridge next to the one that failed first… the tooth that the dentist in Arkansas broke… it nearly fell out… what ever she did to that tooth… they didn’t properly protect it… as for the other tooth that was the anchor for that bridge… that one hurt and it will hurt, till tomorrow… which is about right, for extrating a healthy root, that has no tooth… it just means the bone on the right side, has been infected and inflamed for a couple years, until they started removing the roots, after the dental work failed…. trillion sighs….

That clinic did not get the referral for implants, which is disappointing… so, no clue if we are talking Hilo doctor or not… I am not interested in getting on a plane and going to Oahu…. thanks but no thanks…. doctors are right here… VA can hire one… If Melania Trump can stay in a hospital while a vet is required to get on a plane after major surgery…. the VA can hire a doc on this island….

Cranky, tired… spent too much money on stocking up our supplies… and we are down for the next week or at least the long weekend… no cars, no driving… just home….

Denture is useless for eating… but it works to allow me in public… which will be for appointments only and necessary shopping…. you’ll find me at home, till the VA fixs the mess they created… funny how they made me a prisoner isn’t it…..

Typical corruption in government…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie….

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