Why I Didn’t Tell…

You can not tell your story, if you do not know your story….

At one time Margie knew her story… a child whose life was impacted by violence in a christian home, filled with mental illness and some how survived….

This is her story, her life stolen in Big Springs, Texas by mom and dad and most of all the Air Force….

Nov 5, 2017 a young man killed 26 innocent people in a small Texas church… 2 days later Margie started talking and has continued to speak of the crimes done against her… Texas and Air Force was the memory trigger and the journey began in earnest…

I submitted to psychological, neurological, physical and any thing else the medical community could come up with… and I have my answer….

TBI and PTSD due to domestic violence in a christian home on federal installations… and to Japan they sent us to keep the scandal quiet… and they hurt me again… because the woman I called mother hated the child that knew her secrets…. the baby born in Texas, not of my dads blood….

That all ended on Thanksgiving of 2017, when I told mother….

I Remembered…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….