Margie’s Song….


I remember a little girl who had a curiosity that was insatiable and a streak of honesty so wide, the earth could not contain her spirit… a spirit that fought for survival in a christian home in the U. S. Air Force….

Margie’s story I have been told is not the norm… No, if anything… Margie’s life has been out of the ordinary, because of the choices other people made concerning her life… For some reason, parents, siblings, family, friends, military and federal employees thought they all had a say in this person’s life… and we were taught slavery was dead in America???    Not true…

I heard Margie’s song a very long time ago… Every time her siren call came into my waking mind, my world was chaotic and full of fear and pain…. I did not know why… For 58 years I did not know… and, I asked… 

Margie would sneak into my nights and make my days a waking hell… She would push and shove, she would kick and scream…. but most of all she sang to me from her cell… a soft lullaby at first and as she gained her voice it was full on rock and roll and she has not shut up since….

Domestic violence is an old song… One that has been sung through the centuries… As humans evolved they threw religion into the mix, so they could control and Margie suffered because of their ignorance and fear… they tried so hard to put their fears on Margie… but she knew and she kept singing… not allowing her voice to be silenced by the “Circle of Silence”… be it family, church or government or friend… Her voice is being heard, finally….

To understand Margie’s journey, you can read the story…  to get the meaning of the story, you can try… I am still working my way through that part of this journey… and I may find that there is no meaning, just another human, walking through life and having the will to live it… because I beleive in me….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…. Margie…